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Become an EDUREFORM Educator in 30 hours

The EDUREFORM MOOC is out now!
We have been promoting and working with our set of innovative pedagogical tools to promote critical, creative and analytical thinking skills in the classroom. And guess what! Now you can learn our innovative pedagogical tools thanks to our newly launched EDUREFORM MOOC.
Our MOOC ‘Become an EDUREFORM Educator in 30 hours’ will equip pre-service, in-service teachers and educators with a set of tools to develop an inquiring mindset among students. The 21st century does not only require students to be tech savvy, beyond that, students ought to understand the complexities of our societies, identify the issues and come up with creative solutions to overcome the main obstacles our world is facing.

You can check the video to understand the impact our innovative pedagogical tools can have in a classroom. If you want to register to the MOOC to learn more about it, you can click the button below.