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Poster competition – EDUREFORM International Conference

The Poster Competition will be held during the second day of the International Conference Re-thinking Education in the Age of AI :

22-23 November, 2023 | Chitkara University, Punjab

The main goal of the conference is to debate the socio-economic impacts of robotics and artificial intelligence, assessing how international cooperation and education can support the readaptation of society to technological developments. As occurred during the previous industrial revolutions, technological developments are likely to revolutionize the skills requested by the labour market. Workers will be asked to perform tasks requiring analytical, creative and critical skills, while routinary work will be assigned to devices governed by artificial intelligence.

The competition is open to students enrolled in secondary schools and higher education institutions. Participants are invited to present their poster illustrating their vision of the future of education. Their work should provide a picture of how education will re-adapt to technological developments and society’s mutation. The posters should be based on scientific studies and their creators’ visions.

The main goal of creators is to showcase how technological and societal development will be embraced (and will transform) schools and/or universities.

The creator(s) of the best poster will be awarded with a cash price of 40000 INR during the valedictory ceremony of the international conference. In addition, supplementary awards will be assigned to the students showcasing outstanding ideas. The poster competition will be chaired by an international jury composed of the staff of European and Indian education institutions.

Rules of the poster competition
  • Participants shall be enrolled in a secondary school or a university to be eligible.
  • Posters can be drafted by one or more students.
  • Poster can be created using software or drawing the content by hand.
  • Each participant is entitled to present only one poster.
  • The content of the poster should be relevant to the mission of the conference and the theme of the contest.
  • Participants shall subscribe to the conference at the following LINK. With the registration fee (INR 290), you will receive the conference participant kit and access to refreshments and lunch zones.
  • Attend the first and the second day of the conference. To certify the attendance, participants shall sign the attendance sheet at the helpdesk of the conference.
How to register to the poster competition
  • Register to the conference before the 15th November 2023 at the following  LINK
  • Fill up your details on the Google form at the following LINK 
  •  Keep an eye on your inbox for a confirmation from our end.
*Please note: If you are participating in a group, only a single person has to register with the names of the other members. Multiple entries are not required. 
Get in touch with the conference helpdesk

For more information, contact the EDUREFORM project manager at or get in contact with Dr. Vani Parwez at

The Poster competition and the International conference is organized in the framework of the EDUREFORM project co-financed by the European Union, coordinated by Chitkara University in cooperation with The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda(India), The Savitribai Phule Pune University(India), Shivaji University(India), University of Latvia (Latvia), JAMK University of Applied Sciences (Finland), IUL University (Italy), University of Hamburg (Germany), Chitkara International School (India), High School Liceo Candiani-Bausch (Italy), CXS Solutions (India).