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EDUREFORM Special Issue

Special Issue
Rethinking education in the age of AI

Hosted on the Scopus-indexed Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society, the special issue revolves around the EDUREFORM project’s mission. Edited by Prof. Dr. Stefano Greco and Dr. Letizia Cinganotto, the special issue has collected methods and ideas gravitating around the role of education in mitigating the detrimental effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The release of the special issue has also been the ideal opportunity to promote the outputs of the EDUREFORM project, providing scientific visibility to its outputs and activities. The articles have been published in an open-access journal to promote inclusivity in education and research. 

Editorial | page I-IV

Re-thinking Education in the Age of AI

Stefano Greco & Letizia Cinganotto


Invited Papers | page 1-10

AI and the contemporary educational landscape: a personal view

David Marsh

The future of language learning in the era of ChatGPT

Nick Saville


Research papers | page 11-130

The Impact of the EU Development Policy in Indian Higher Education: the EDUREFOM Project and the Socio-economic Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a Case Study

Stefano Greco


Perceptions and reactions of Indian student teachers engaged in a CLIL Teacher Training Mobility Programme in Italy

Letizia Cinganotto      


On importance of young learners’ cognitive abilities: the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s perspective

Gunta Rozina, Indra Karapetjana & Marina Losevica

Artificial intelligence and higher education: a systematic visualizations based review

Madhavi Shamkuwar, Priya Jindal, Rahul More , Pandurang Patil & Pravin Mahamuni


Artificial Intelligence: Exploring the Attitude of Secondary Students

Kalyani Pande, Vaibhav Jadhav & Mahesh Mali


An analytical study on integration of pedagogy and technology in secondary science classes of India during COVID-19

Chaitali Sarangi, Tanushri Mohanta, Moumita Pradhan & Nibedita Guru


Unpacking the MOOC experience: insights from Indian Postgraduate Students in Education

Shama P. Ansari & Ashutosh Biswal


From Textbooks to Chatbots: Integrating AI in English literature classrooms of India

Debanjali Roy & Tanmoy Putatunda


Microlearning strategies for teacher professional development in the era of fourth industrial revolution in India

Nidhi Waldia, Sanjeev Sonawane, Mahesh Mali & Vaibhav Jadhav


Creating Videos: A Pedagogic Tool for 21st Century Teachers of India

Meenal Arora


Attitude of Undergraduate students towards Sketchnoting activity in classroom

Pooja Singh & Jyotika Guleria


Open book environment for enhancing the thinking skills in the Indian pre-service social studies teachers

A.V. Jayalakshmi & Ashutosh Biswal


Augmented Reality and education: a comprehensive review and analysis of methodological considerations in empirical studies

Manisha & Shubham Gargrish


A mixed method study of strategies adopted by postgraduate teachers to mitigate the impact of the digital divide

Vidyanand S. Khandagale

Adapting design of Learning Spaces for Education 4.0: a case of architectural institutions in India

Roopali Kansal & Payal Bassi

Full issue

Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society,

Special Issue on Rethinking education in the age of AI

Vol. 19 No. 3 (2023)