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The link between education and training

The world is evolving, so is the knowledge and understanding about the world. The ideas that were relevant 10 years ago might not be relevant now. Besides, kids nowadays have a plethora of information at their fingertips. There are numerous developments in research about how children learn.  With the realization that the teacher is the core driver of change in the education system, policies in India and abroad continue to place teachers at the heart of larger educational changes. To keep up with the change, teachers need to constantly upskill themselves to engage students productively in the classrooms. 


Teachers need to be acquainted with innovative pedagogical approaches, advanced technological tools, and effective teaching and learning practices to support students’ learning in these changing times. Teacher professional development is important for both experienced and novice teachers to update teachers with the latest research in the education field. Teacher professional development can help teachers learn, unlearn & relearn with the advancing world so that they can foster critical, creative, and analytical learners.



EDUREFORM training for the Faculties in Pune

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