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TEAL (Technology Enhanced Active Learning) methodology which was created in order to foster the use of learning technologies within the teaching and learning of Physics, considering the high percentage of failures at exams. The tool is aimed to achieve its goals by combining traditional pedagogy with active learning, facilitating the co-construction of knowledge and the development of active learning. The TEAL cycle combines individual learning moments and group work activities, starting from a concept question which activates the problem posing and problem solving process of the cycle. Cooperative learning, peer assessment and self-assessment represent some of the pillars of TEAL methodology. A key concept of TEAL is the use of learning technologies to enhance the student’s role as an active protagonist of his/her choices. In particular, TEAL methodology is based on the use of “clicker technology”, referring to specific apps and webtools such as Mentimeter, Kahoot or Slido, which allow to collect immediate feedback from the students, enhancing enthusiasm, participation, engagement. The teacher acts as a facilitator, providing brief explanations and conclusions at the end of the cycle, in order to build a bridge with the following TEAL cycle.

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