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EDUREFORM Management and Visibility Event at Liceo Artistico Coreutico E Musicale Candiani Bausch, Italy

EDUREFORM Management and Visibility Event at Liceo Artistico Coreutico E Musicale Candiani Bausch, Italy
EDUREFORM Management and Visibility Event was organized at Liceo Artistico Coreutico E Musicale Candiani-Bausch, Italy from 6th September 2023 to 8th September 2023. Through this event, the project aimed to raise awareness, attract vital support and audience, advocate for policy changes, and foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders. 

On 6th September, the EDUREFORM delegation was greeted by the Principal and the EDUREFORM team of Liceo. The event was officially opened by the welcome concert which started with the playing of the Indian national anthem. The participants were taken through the school tour. The management meeting was handled by the project managers- Anjali Chauhan, Sadhika Chauhan, and Varnika Sharma discussing the overall Action plan for the project. 

The ‘Indian European Alliance for Education was formed and Dr Sangeeta Pant, from Chitkara University, has been selected as the President of the Alliance whereas Dr. Sanjeev Sonawane from Savitribai Phule Pune University, Dr. Pratibha Patankar from Shivaji University Kolhapur, Dr. Wilko Reichwein from University of Hamburg and Dr. Indra Odina from University of Latvia have been selected as the Vice Presidents respectively.
On 7th September, the day started with Mr. Marco extending an official welcome to the distinguished guests and dignitaries present on the occasion. Mr. Emanuele Antonelli, the respected Mayor of Busto Arsizio, welcomed and expressed his anticipation for gatherings that bring together diverse cultures. He extended his own welcome to the esteemed guests attending the event. The event commenced with a warm welcome to Ms. T. Ajungla Jamir, the Consul General of India in Milan. She extended her congratulations to the consortium for conceiving the Edureform project. Ms. Jamir shared insights into her personal educational journey and discussed her multifaceted role as a Consul General.


Dr. Prof. Srivastav delivered a compelling keynote address at the event, commencing with expressions of gratitude for the invitation to the wonderful occasion. Then, Prof. Sonawane addressed the audience, focusing on the crucial role of education, particularly in preparing students for higher education and research. He emphasized the significance of research and its practical implications in the learning process. Dr. Maria, the School principal expressed her deep gratitude for the privilege of hosting the Erasmus Plus event at their institution. She commenced her address by taking the audience on a journey through the school’s history, highlighting its origins and evolution. Dr. Andrea Monteduro, the former principal of the school, took the audience on a memorable journey as he recounted the beginnings of his association with the institution. He shared fond memories of witnessing the school’s growth, which spanned from art to dance to theatre, reflecting the school’s diverse creative endeavors. He revealed his profound belief that a school should be a place where happiness prevails.

Dr. Honey Chitkara, in her opening address, began by expressing heartfelt gratitude to all the attendees present at the event. She highlighted the pivotal role played by EDUREFORM tools in nurturing essential skills among students. In a creative and engaging manner, Dr. Chitkara presented a rhyme that skillfully incorporated the names of each EDUREFORM tool. Each sentence of the rhyme featured a tool and an accompanying adjective that described its significance.

Dr. Sangeeta Pant, the coordinator of the Edureform Project, provided a comprehensive overview of the project’s journey. She began by recounting how the project came into existence and its subsequent evolution. She highlighted the significance of these learnings as the foundation for subsequent developments. She continued by elaborating on the project’s journey, highlighting key milestones such as the launch of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), and the organization of various online and offline events, including vocational training and international gatherings.
Ms. Patrizia took the stage to provide insights into the Edureform Project’s journey, elaborating on how their school became involved in this initiative. She also highlighted the valuable contributions made by their team to the project’s success.

Ms. Maria delivered a session centered on student mobility and the enriching experiences of students during their stay at Liceo Artistico. She detailed the various activities undertaken by these eight Indian students during their time at the school.

Dr. Letizia took the stage and provided a comprehensive overview of the student mobility process within their institution. She shared details about their past experiences, having already hosted four students and their readiness to welcome the next five. Dr. Letizia delved into the topic of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and how this was integrated into their interaction with the students. Prof. Gisella Lange addressed the audience, providing a detailed insight into the concept of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and its crucial importance in the field of education. She emphasized the role that India is poised to play in this context, owing to its multi-lingual culture and the significant youth population. During the final session of the day, Dr. Brunella Alfinito, a representative from the IED European Institute of Design, enlightened the audience on the subject of nurturing student creativity. She shared her unique approach, emphasizing the importance of exploration as an educational experience to boost creativity. Dr. Alfinito concluded her presentation by highlighting that valuable ideas often originate from the smallest and seemingly insignificant aspects of life. After lunch, a delightful musical interlude awaited the attendees, courtesy of the Liceo team. Professor Francesco Marelli, a member of the Liceo Artistico Musicale team, took center stage to showcase his remarkable musical talents.
The event concluded on a high note as certificates of recognition were presented to both the presenters and participants.

This ceremony symbolized the culmination of a day filled with enriching experiences and invaluable insights for both the audience and consortium partners. It underscored the importance of continuous learning and collaboration in the pursuit of educational excellence.
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