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Glimpses from March to July

Glimpses from March to July

From March to July

What an interesting journey it has been…

The EDUREFORM student mobility was organized by the partnering university for 21 days . The mobility took place at the Liceo Artistico Coretico E Musicale Candiani-Bausch in Italy from 17th April to 6th May. During this time, students not only acquired new knowledge but also shared different values.. The students immersed themselves in a sea of knowledge and actively engaged in various cultural activities.

The 3-day vocational training organized by our partner, CXS Solutions in Kochi, took place from 10th to 12th April and was a resounding success. Not only did we have the highest number of teachers participating in this vocational training but also witnessed remarkable learning outcomes due to the active involvement of our Indian and European partners in the teacher training .

The subsequent batch of EDUREFORM student mobility students was hosted by our coordinating  institute, Chitkara University, and the Chitkara International School. The 21-day mobility held from 24th April – 14th May had been a fruitful experience for the students,enabling them to grasp diverse teaching dynamics alongside hands-on practice . The students also volunteered in the EDUREFORM Vocational training held at Chitkara University and gained experience in how to organize an event. 

The concluding  EDUREFORM Vocational training was held at Chitkara University. This 3-day event created a massive impact and the participating teachers showed their full enthusiasm in all the tools that were presented and showed their complete interest and participation. The training was concluded with a certificate distribution ceremony. 

The One-day International event held at Chitkara University was a significant learning experience. Not only did the visitors have a fun learning experience even the presenters had an amazing experience discovering their potential in terms of developing a new pedagogical tool using various audio-visual tools and giving their best with the presentation of the tool.

May-June has been a season of student mobilities. 

The mobility at the University of Latvia, spanning from 1st to 21st May, featured students selected from our partnering Indian universities who not only represented their institutions but also extensively learned about foreign education. They resolved to incorporate these insights into the Indian education system through their teachings.

The next mobility was at the Savitribai Phule Pune University between the 10th – 30th May, where the students engaged in extensive research work under the guidance of various esteemed professors.

The mobility was then held at Shivaji University, Kolhapur, and CXS Solutions, Kochi simultaneously from 5th-24th June. The students developed critical, analytical, and creative learning with hands-on training on the working of the CXS Solution’s model Xelfer. The students at Shivaji University participated in various activities and learned a lot about the education world which will definitely help them in their future endeavors.

From 10th July onwards, the EDUREFORM student mobility is being held at The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda with the same motive of providing the students with a different dimension of learning experience and providing them an insightful learning experience. 

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